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Auto Passion is run by Vincent Bartolo, a very competent and enthusiastic owner with over 35 years of industry experience.


Panel Beating Services Bacchus Marsh, Maddingley, Darley

Vince was born and raised in Melbourne's western suburbs and has extensive experience in restoration.

At the age of 15, he started his apprenticeship as a panel beater in a small restoration/smash shop in the Melbourne CBD. While there, he enhanced his skills in restoration and learnt to pay attention to the finest details. A few years later, Vince decided that he needed to learn more about hard and heavy smash repairs. He started working in several smash shops around Melbourne, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the trade he loved.

By the age of 20, Vince was working with prestige cars like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, etc. At the age of 25, Vince bought his own smash shop in the Melbourne CBD. He ran his own business with pride and passion, winning several concourses along the way, and eventually outgrowing the shop in the CBD. Vince is now situated in Bacchus Marsh (Maddingley) where his passion lies in restorations, building hotrods, steel and fibre glass work, classic and prestige cars, building chassis, roof chops, wheel tubs, classic smash work, custom painting, and candy painting.


Vince is a qualified mechanic who has had a passion for cars since the age of 12. He started his apprenticeship at the age of 15, and was fully qualified by the age of 18.

Vince has a passion for classic and prestige cars, specialising in Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Ferrari. He has a wife and 7 kids, and has lived locally for 7 years. He also competes in motorsport racing in which Auto Passion is his sponsor.

Vince is always on the go at Auto Passion. He is constantly updating his knowledge and skills in the motor mechanical industry by researching all the new vehicles being released.

For all your mechanical needs, come in and see Vince at Auto Passion. Whether it's for a minor service or a major service, there's no job too big or too small.

Panel Beating Services Bacchus Marsh, Maddingley, Darley


Panel Beating Services Bacchus Marsh, Maddingley, Darley

Julie is our office manager and spends most of her time behind the desk in the Auto Passion office. Her duties include answering the phone, speaking with customers and assesors from insurance companies, and locating parts and supplies from stockists.

She is responsible for picking up parts and taking vehicles to other local businesses for wheel alignments and electrical or mechanical work. Julie also picks up and drops off customers while their cars are being repaired at Auto Passion.

Julie always likes to detail the customers cars and check them before the customer collects it to ensure good customer service and a very happy customer.


Panel Beating Services Bacchus Marsh, Maddingley, Darley

Caleb is a vital member of the Auto Passion team and is currently a second year apprentice panel beater. He really enjoys his work and is grateful for the opportunity to work on such a wide variety of cars like he does at Auto Passion.

He previously worked in the Ballarat area, which is where he began his trade. He has a real interest in cars and takes pride and care in all that he does.


Panel Beating Services Bacchus Marsh, Maddingley, Darley

Meet Rebecca, who you will find working in our office. She has always had a keen interest in cars, and has been working in the automotive industry scince she was 16 years old.

Beck has a daughter who is 9 years old as well as 3 step sons. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her partner and kids, and she enjoys making cakes and gardening.


Panel Beating Services Bacchus Marsh, Maddingley, Darley

Gino is a qualified panel beater and has been in the trade for around 25 years. He loves what he does and has a keen eye for detail and producing high quality work.

He has worked on many different types of vehicles, from prestige cars to paddock bombs. Gino loves to sing as he works, and you can often hear him belt out a tune whilst he taps away at a metal panel (thank god he dosn't dance, lol).


Charlie is a miniature dachshund who comes to work at Auto Passion nearly every day. He works very hard being super cute, greeting customers, checking if the staff are doing their jobs, and collecting pats everywhere he goes. After a long day at Auto Passion, he loves to go home and play with his friends Pepper and Hurrah.


Panel Beating Services Bacchus Marsh, Maddingley, Darley

Joe is our newest member of the Auto Passion team. He is a fully qualified spray painter and has worked in the industry for over 20 years!!

Joe has 3 kids, and loves to watch the footy whilst enjoying a beer or two in his spare time. Joe also has a love for music, and has played in bands from time to time. Maybe Joe should break out the guitar for Gino, who loves to sing, and we could start the Auto Passion band, haha!!

Joe is looking to move to the Bacchus Marsh area in the near future, and has a passion for cars just like all our staff here at Auto Passion, and he just loves life.